Artistic Psychologies. The Art Galleries at CCBC. Baltimore, MD. July 15 - September 27, 2019.

Essex Gallery
photo of artwork for the artistic psychologies gallery 
Artistic Psychologies 
July 15 - September 27, 2019

Reception: Thursday, September 26, 6-8pm
Artists: Jose Alvarado, Sondra Arkin, Call Your Mom, Nicole Lenzi, and Natalie Obermaier
Student Curators: Nadia Lezcano and Caroline Pence

"What represents art? It is an age old question that has its roots in purpose; but what is its purpose? Line, color, hue, and observation combine to produce a unique perspective of the world around us. Art is simple at face value, but under the veneer of pigment there is a far more interesting world of thought and process. The creative process is unlimited and universal as one thought will be expressed in a multitude of ways which calls to action the universal and social viewpoints of the artists exhibited in this show. 

We are interested in looking through, understanding, and displaying the processes that these artists take to speak on how this contributes to their artistic purpose and methodology."

Transparent Factors. In Form and Content. Northern Illinois University Art Museum. DeKalb, Illinois. November 15, 2018- February 15, 2019.