Books and Catalogues

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Articles, Reviews, and Press
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Sarah Tanguy, MICA Thesis Essay.
ART in Embassies Program, and independent curator. July 2007.

Selected Website Listings
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London Internationall Creative Competition. Honorable Mention. London, England. 2017.

Honorable Mention. London International Creative Competition. London. England.

Suspended Continuum(s), Nicole Lenzi’s site-specific drawing installation brings the entire gallery into play, making wide use of its architectural motifs and gridded flooring. Traditional drawing teams up with three-dimensional elements creating a visual labyrinth that beckons interaction from the viewer, and suggests an activity that could extend forever. Interested in the Taoist principle of Yin-Yang, she seeks complementary interconnections and assigns gender to junctures and forms (hard-edge, for example, corresponds to Yang or male energy and rounded to Yin or female energy). Part improvisation, part calculated, the piece presents moments of obvious balance in contrast to others where the causal link is less easy to discern under layers of activity. Consider the path of a drawn line as it extends from a wooden panel resting on top of the linoleum tiling, and assumes dimensionality, producing actual and drawn shadows. Out of this vertiginous network of found and invented materials and marks, unforeseen harmonies emerge and stir the imagination.
-Sarah Tanguy, MICA Thesis Essay. July 2007.
ART in Embassies Program, and independent curator and critic.

Sarah Tanguy, MICA Thesis Essay.
ART in Embassies Program, and independent curator. July 2007.